Introduction in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School

On January 23, 2019, Ralph Benjo Azas and I were fetched by Mr. Cahya Komara and Mr. Purnama Syae Purrohman and went to PKP Jakarta Islamic School which is located near of our homestay. After we had been toured by the car by Mr. Komara, we were able to reach the SMA which houses the classes of Grades 10-12. We were able to meet Ibu Ummi, the Wakasek (Vice-Principal) of SMA and some of its teachers. We were also able to be assigned in our different mentors. I was introduced to my mentor. Ms. Fauziyyah Isra, S.Pd.

After the introduction, we were able to take lunch with Jenny Padeway who is also assigned to SMA and also a student-teacher of Ms. Fauziyyah and the teachers. After this, I was able to be oriented to the materials that the classes will be used and the scheduled, and asked to be prepared to introduce my country, the Philippines, the next day.

With this orientation, I am looking forward to be exposed to the new learning environment and discover new ideas which I can apply to my studies and eventually, my career as a future teacher. Also, I am optimistic in learning more about the culture of Indonesia and its people, through immersing in its core foundation of its society, which is education were the students were being brought to its norms and values.

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