To See and To Help – Start of Observations and Teaching Assistance

January 24 – 25, 2019

On January 24, 2019, I was able to observe the class of XII IIS 1 at 8:00 am. Together with Ms. Fauziyyah and Ms. Jenny Padeway, we were able to see how our mentor teach in her class. She also gave us an opportunity to introduce our homeland, the Philippines. We are even asked to sing our national anthem, “Lupang Hinirang” to the students, and they sang also theirs, “Indonesia Raya.”

Class while singing the Indonesian National Anthem

The introduction of the culture and sociological background of the Philippines were also done in the class of XI IIS 2 and in one of the classes of Ibu Titik, an Economics teacher at SMA PKP whom asked us to do also what we had done in the previous sections.

On the continuation of the observations the following day, January 25, 2019, I was able to meet the classes of XI IIS 3 and XI IIS 4 where Ms. Fauziyyah conducted an activity to both classes – the listing of the positive and negative traits of each student where their classmates will write their impressions of them while the chart were on their own backs. During these activities, I was also able to assist her in its needs, and to help the students in doing the activity, upon which some of them are asking about my purpose in SMA PKP. This has been part of their lesson about conflict.

Summary of Observations

Observations in the Classes

The classes handled by Ms. Fauziyyah gives freedom to the students to do whatever the want during classes. The learning environment is inclusive in the interests of the students on how they will learn in the best way – thus valuing the ways on how the students learn based on their preferences. However, it is not exempted to the general rules and regulations of the school, in such that routines are still being observed.  Examples of it is the cleaning of the classrooms, as supervised by the teachers of the last period, checking of attendance, schedules of prayers and breaks since that the school is an Islamic school, and the recitation of Quran during the first period.

Mostly, the classes observe teacher-centered learning. Activities are limited, but the explanation of the materials are comprehensive and contextualized to their need as citizens of Indonesia. The nationwide ideology can be seen in the content of the materials and the examples given which can also be the way to teach active citizenship and awareness to the need of their country.

Ms. Fauziyyah with her class

Observation to the Mentor

Ms. Fauziyyah, as the teacher of the classes, was able to get the attention of her students through contextualizing the materials used in the lesson on the issues that the students are aware. She also uses the language that is understandable to the students, and goes with the mood of the students with limitations to the relation as students and teachers. Ms. Fauziyyah also maximizes the benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) through using PowerPoint presentations, and showing pictures and videos in which, she can show its connection to the topic.

Even though that the setting of the classes is rooted to the teacher as an authority, Ms. Fauziyyah was able to show that she can relate to the needs of the students, such as helping them to understand the lesson or to do the activity. She was also able to give advices and points for the students to reflect about the results of the activity and the content of the lessons.

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