Wiladatika Park

Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl, Dinda Asyifa and Rosalina Oca, our student buddies from UHAMKA invited us to go to Taman Wiladatika in Cibubur with Jenny Padeway and Ma. Lourdes Heyres. Upon receiving the invitation, I felt the excite since this is my first exploration to a scenery in the city since that we arrived in Jakarta. We departed from our homestay at 9:00 am and we arrived after 30 minutes. We took photos, sang some songs and walk around the park.

With Ma. Lourdes Heyres, Rosalina Oca, Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl, Dinda Asyifa and Jenny Padeway

After our walk, we ate at Yamien 88 Ci Jantung which is on the way to our homestay. I tried Mie Ayam which also tastes good despite its exception to the variety of spicy food in Indonesia.

Personally, I appreciate the efforts of restoring the flora and fauna within the city in despite of the modernization of infrastructures. This can be also evident in the parks that we passed by as we go to Taman Wiladatika. I hope that in our country, this can be also done so that the next generation can still see the plants helped us to sustain and for the creatures to have a dwelling place.

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