Taman Mini Indonesia Indah- A Taste of Indonesia’s Rich Culture

On January 27, 2019, I was invited by our buddies from UHAMKA to go to Taman Mini. I was fetched by Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl from the homestay and went to the university to join the SEA Teachers from Mariano Marcos State University – Twinkle Joy Bautista, Samantha Nicole Tagari and Jessa Mae Banquirig, and one of our buddies, Dinda Asyifa.

With Twinkle Joy Bautista, Samantha Nicole Tagari, Jessa Mae Banquirig, Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl and Dinda Asyifa

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a park located in Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta) that features the replica and miniature villages of the regions within Indonesia. It also features attractions such as an amusement park, an IMAX Theater, a swimming complex and a map of the Indonesian archipelago which was landscaped and can be seen from the trains and cable cars present in the park.

After we arrived at around 9:00 am and paid for our entrance fee, we were able to see the replica of the attractions in Indonesia, like the National Monument (Monas), the wall that describes the history of Indonesia and the development of Bahasa Indonesia and the mini villages from the regions and islands such as those of the Sumatra, Java and Bali. We were also able to enter some of the featured houses where we saw the things that the people used and wear, especially on special occasions like weddings.

I was fascinated of the richness the culture of Indonesia has, and their willingness to preserve it in despite of the rapid changes that the present world wants. The diversity of cultures is present, yet they were been able to show the unity that made their country as one.

After we had our lunch at Taman Mini, we departed to UHAMKA to bring the MMSU SEA Teachers back to their dormitory. Pabel helped me to book a GrabCar that will take me back to the homestay, and arrived safely at around 1:30 pm.

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