Getting to Know Our Buddies

Cibubur Junction with our student buddies Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl and Dinda Asyifa, and fellow SEA Teachers: Karen Tinio, Jenny Padeway, Ma. Lourdes Heyres and Ralph Benjo Azas

Last Monday, January 28, 2019, our buddies, Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl and Dinda Asyifa took us to the Cibubur Junction with Ma. Lourdes Heyres, Jenny Padeway and Karen Tinio. Cibubur Junction is a shopping mall located in Jalan Jambore in Cibubur District, Jakarta Timur. It is also near the border of Jakarta and West Java, and also to Taman Wiladatika.

As we arrived through Grab, we explored the building as we fulfill what we need, such as money changer, school supplies, needs for the homestay and roaming for batik clothes. We ate at Shogeru, a Japanese restaurant because of our desire to taste different food. We also tried one of the foods that was famous in Indonesia, roti buns, in Roti-Boy, one of the famous establishments for these.

Yet in despite of the differences in culture, openness has been also one of the traits that I learned in this experience in Indonesia, not just inside the classroom but also on the choices of lifestyle.

After we are finished fulfilling our needs at the mall, we went home where we were able to bond longer with our buddies.

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