The Reality: TEACHING!

January 28 – 30, 2019

“Wait, I will be teaching in Bahasa?!?”

This is what my initial reaction is after I got my material from Ms. Fauziyyah, which I was assigned to teach. After reading the material about Penyimpangan Sosial (Social Deviance) which I was told to study, I was able to assist my mentor and at the same time, teach in the sections of Grade 10 that she is handling. This has been a result of the change of schedule where I was assigned in the 10th level.

This is also my first day with my new schedule since my mentor changed it from Thursdays and Fridays to Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

My class schedule

On January 28, 2019 (Monday), I was asked to go to school early so that we may talk about our discussion. Although the PowerPoint Presentation is in Bahasa Indonesia, Ms. Fauziyyah explained to me its contents, which we will tackle in class. I also helped her in searching for pictures that may be included in our lesson.

The title page of the PowerPoint Presentation used

I was able to teach the material at Kelas X IPA 2 (Science class) in the morning where Ms. Fauziyyah let me experience teaching and through the pictures that we had searched, I was able to explain to the students its connection to the lesson. Through the students also, I was able to learn different terms in Bahasa Indonesia like “berbeda” which means “different”, “agama” that pertains to “religion” and “budaya” which means “culture”. In this class, I was also able to try checking their attendance where honestly, I got confused on pronouncing their names.

The attendance book where the records of the students where kept. Every teacher in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School has one.
The students in Kelas X IIS 4 during the activity

After this class, I was asked by Ms. Fauziyyah to teach in Kelas X IIS 4 (Social class) with the same material that we used. Here, after the motivation conducted by her, I was able to teach Penyimpangan Sosial (Social Deviance) in which the students can also relate to the examples that I presented. My mentor also showed the videos that her former students made in connection to the material. She also mentioned that I can edit the PowerPoint Presentation by adding English translation so that I will be guided.

Ms. Fauziyyah giving some instructions
At Kelas X IIS 3

The next day, January 29, 2019, I was able to teach at Kelas X IIS 3 (Science class) where I used the edited PowerPoint Presentation. I was also able to include to the activities of teaching a Filipino word that will serve as an attention-grabber to the students, “Mabuhay!”. As we exercise this, they where been able to put their attention to our class and understand what we are talking about. As I am learning from them, I was also able to teach them a piece of our culture.

The following morning, January 30, 2019, after their morning ritual of reciting verses of the Quran and confiscation of phones, I teach the same material at my last class for the week, Kelas X IPA 1 where Ms. Fauziyyah watched and guided me, especially after the session where she took over through saying her final instructions. These instances enforce the routines as a tool of discipline for the students to be taught of the important values, such as religion and importance of work. This is also the point where I realized the importance of the role of the teacher in preparing the students for the future, not just academically equipped, but also to build their confidence as they face that challenges their life may bring.

At Kelas X IPA 1

On the same day, our fellow SEA Teacher from Benguet State University, Jenny Padeway, had her final evaluation where we helped her preparing before and while she is holding the class. In this, I saw the interest of the students in learning where they were able to participate in the activities and the part of the session where Ms. Jenny seeks for the students’ attention.

Ms. Jenny Padeway during her final evaluation

I appreciate the efforts of the school to foster their culture through the learning materials, since that it builds the sense of identity as a contributor for the common good. Their sense of nationalism is strong and they were able to show it proudly through being dedicated to their work and the context of the materials are in the culture where the students are being brought up. This is what I learned from them, that even in teaching, I must be also able not to be ashamed of the culture where I was brought to, for it forms my identity. With this, I was able to realized the importance of work as a manifestation of culture and dedication.

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