“Surprise! We are going to Bandung!”

With Dinda Asyifa, Karen Tinio, Ma. Lourdes Heyres, Jenny Padeway and Ralph Benjo Azas at Farmhouse Susu, Lembang.

On February 3, 2018, Sunday, we were invited by our student-buddy Dinda Asyifa to go to Bandung as a farewell celebration for Ma. Lourdes Heyres, Karen Tinio and Jenny Padeway. Together with the uncle and family driver of Dinda, we departed from our homestay at 6:00 am, went on to breakfast at one of the stopovers in the expressway and took a 3-hour journey to Bandung.

Bandung is the capital city of the province of West Java. It has been known to its cold temperature and the attractions located in its mountainous ranges. That is the reason why the locals recommend at least one full day of going to the different tourist spots, including the time that will be spend in travelling, because it will take at least three hours from Jakarta. And this is the tip that we followed.

Landscape on the way to Bandung

As we arrived in Bandung, we went to Farmhouse Susu. It is one of the main attractions in Lembang which is near Bandung and part of its mountainous ranges. It features a nature park full of trees, a farm with different animals such as sheep, rabbits and cows in which its famous product came from milk. We tasted the free milk where it has been proven that it is fresh. Farmhouse Susu also has a replica of a Dutch village, since that Indonesia has been colonized by the Dutch. In this attraction, we saw the effort of the people to preserve the environment and I realized its importance as a person living within it, so that is why taking care of our environment is as important as sustaining our needs.

Dutch houses in Farmhouse Susu, Lembang
Free milk from Farmhouse Susu, Lembang
Sheep at Farmhouse Susu
Cows are one of the attractions in Farmhouse Susu. They give the visitors opportunity to pet them.

After this, we went to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) where we met with the other SEA Teachers from the Philippine Normal University – Manila: Kathleen Rose Kadano and Ma. Clarisse Peleo. UPI is a premier state university specialized in teacher education in Indonesia. They toured us around the campus and ate Nasi Lele (Rice with fried fish, vegetables and sambal, the chili) at a nearby food park. As we see how they manage their facilities and choosing the type of environment for education, its conduciveness has been one of its priorities and I saw its importance to help the students be motivated. The conservation of plants, especially of the trees were also given importance for its sustainability is important for the future generations to see and use.

With Ralph Benjo Azas and fellow SEA Teachers from the Philippine Normal University – Ma. Clarisse Peleo and Kathleen Rose Kadano at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

I further saw the diversity of Indonesian culture through the products that are sold in markets as we went to a stopover to buy souvenirs. The style of their packaging, the food that was sold and the goods that are displayed reflects the different cultures that describes their way of living, and was united through their strong nationalism. Even though the products from other provinces and islands of Indonesia were also there in the market. It definitely embodies the unity of the people to uplift each other and being proud of their culture.

We arrived at our homestay after the 5-hour journey because of the traffic jams that we encountered and we passed these hours through stories and karaoke in the car, concluding the day full of memories.

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