“We will miss you!”

“It is not a good bye, it is that we will see you again soon.”

This week has been the last week for our fellow SEA Teachers assigned in PKP Jakarta Islamic School – Ma. Lourdes Heyres, Jenny Padeway and Karen Tinio. It has been a week full of celebration for their success in their program and one of those who are with them in this journey, we are grateful of their achievement, especially in their presentation at Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA as part of the closing ceremonies last February 2, 2019.

At Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA

Together with the fellow SEA Teachers from Benguet State University, Far Eastern University and University of St. Anthony, we listened to their stories on how they managed to teach in despite of possible scenarios of culture shock due to the differences. However, we learned from these sharing of experiences to enjoy and see the goodness in everything that we do, especially in teaching upon which we can learn also from them.

After the sharing, we went to Cijantung Mall where we enjoyed another environment of malls in Indonesia, ate at a Japanese Restaurant, had our grocery for our supply in the homestay, and tried another famous store for roti, Roti-O in which we found it delicious and pleasant to the taste buds of different people from all walks of life. We went home to prepare to go to Bandung as we are being invited by one of our buddies.

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