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Getting To Know Ms. Fauziyyah and Ms. Kim

It has been two weeks since I came to Jakarta and met different persons who are opened and hospitable to me. This is also the period that I also already spent in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School where I teach the students and be with the teachers, especially with my mentor. Since that we have free time this week, we decided to go somewhere and get to know each other.

With Miss Fauziyyah Isra

On Chinese New Year, February 5, 2019, my mentor, Ms. Fauziyyah Isra invited me to go to Cibubur Junction. She fetched me at PKP Jakarta Islamic School and went to the mall through her motorcycle. We bought a gift for one of the teachers in PKP JIS, Ms. Febriana Wulandhani, as she celebrated her birthday the following day on February 6. While we are at Cibubur Junction, we roam around the building to see the different stores. We also ate crepes, which are famous in Jakarta and was crispy, different from those that I already tried and I found it very tasty, especially the combination inside of it. As we are there, we shared stories and got to know each other more.

Even in just a small period of time in getting to know each other like this, aside from our time in school together, I was able to see that teachers are also humans, like us who deserves also to rest and enjoy with their preferred things. Small talks like this are as important, for you will realize that there is someone also who cares and influences. In this, I realized that the role of the teachers does not only influence inside the school premises, but her role extends even where he/she went. As we discovered each other, we were able to know our characteristics, thus sharing bonds and making us inspired to teach students.


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