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The Passion That Strikes The Heart – Reflection of Being a Teacher

February 11-13, 2019

“I will come back. I promised.”

This is what I always say to my students when the end of our classes are near. Bittersweet, yet hopeful for the bond that we had made.

Since that I only meet the classes once a week, this Monday is the start of my final classes with them. I made my discussion for my material – Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Perilaku Menyimpang (Factors Causing Deviant Behavior) and Bentuk-Bentuk Perilaku Manyimpang (Kinds of Deviant Behavior). Coincidentally, this will be also used for my final evaluation on February 13, 2019 (Wednesday).

Before the goodbyes started, we attended the only flag raising ceremony that we attendes in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School since that our classes starts at late morning every Monday

Upacara ceremony which was help every Monday morning at SMA PKP

This ceremony is called Upacara. It is a solemn one because high respect is respected to every participant since that involves raising the Indonesian flag. What makes it unique is that it involves military-like actions, such as marching and the discipline that was maintained by the students. The program includes the commands for the students, those who are assigned for thr flags, the flag ceremony itself, the recitation of the Pancasila (pronounced as /pan-cha-si-la/, which are the five (5) principles of the Indonesian people), the doxology and the message of the school for the students). This ceremony lasted for an hour.

Ceremonies like this shows the nationalistic side of Indonesians, as they give high respect to their identity and being united through it. They recognize the abilities of each individual in the development, making the students feel that they are valued.

The Classes (Final)

On February 11, 2019, I teach for the last time at Kelas X IPA 2 (Science class) at 10:50 am. I teach them the attention catcher inspired from Pikachu. Everytime I will say “Gets, gets, gets!”, the students shall answer “Catch, catch, catch!” The students were able to participate in the class through giving their own examples of situations on the different deviant behaviors. Because of the time constrains, we were not able to reach to the activity and instead asked them questions about the lesson.

At 1:00 pm (13:00), I had a class at Kelas X IPS 4 (Social class) where they were amazed of the graphics that has shown in the PowerPoint were they can relate, such as the examples of personalities in television and social media. They were also encouraged to learn despite the mood of the time of the class that makes everyone feel tired. In these scenarios, the teacher must be able to spark the interest of the students, which made me feel challenged through using different movements and actions. To make also the explanations simple, I used the whiteboard and marker to draw simple pictures like stickman and explain the concepts being discussed. We were able to do the activity in which they are tasked to draw the possible effects of the different factors and actions of deviant behavior upon a person.

Before the classes start

On February 12, 2019, I was able to teach in Kelas X IPA 3 (Science class). Since that there was a break at 8:45 am to give way to Shalat Dhuha or the prayer for the Moslems, the first half was the discussion of Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Perilaku Menyimpang (Factors Causing Deviant Behavior) and on the second half would be Bentuk-Bentuk Perilaku Manyimpang (Kinds of Deviant Behavior). Because of the time being consumed, we were not able to do the activity and instead, asked questions on what they had learned.

Kelas X IPA 3 (Science class) during the discussion
The class during the activity where they are tasked to draw the possible effects of the factors and actions of deviant behavior

At 10:50 am, I was able to meet Kelas X IPS 1 (Social class) in which the discussion of the material were done through drawings, using different examples and content in which the students can relate. They were also able to do the activity which had resulted to good outputs, and they were able to show the effects of possible causes of deviant behavior, such as bullying, getting drunk and self-examination.

On February 13, 2019, I had my class in Kelas X IPS 2 (Social Class), in which I will be also observed by Mr. Widi Sriyanto. With the same material that I used, since that the materials for the classes are the same per week, I teach it through an activity and discussion.

At Kelas X IPS 2 (Social Class) During My Final Evaluation

The activity that I conducted is that they will pass rolled papers until all of them have at least one. As they opened it, there are factors and kinds of deviant behavior, and they taped it in the whiteboard. While discussion, the examples that I gave to the students were still related to their awareness, such as the personalities in which they are familiar, the photos that describes issues that are common to them, and graphics in which we can connect to the lesson.

Link to “Final Class, Final Evaluation”:

“This is not a goodbye. I will see you soon.”

It is hard to say goodbye to the students whom you taught for the duration of the period. As I said my goodbyes and explaining to the students that out meeting for this week is our last, I felt the discomfort of leaving them, because I feel the sense of being valued because I was able to teach them and make a difference to the students through giving them new perspectives. I feel the satisfaction as a teacher, and felt the love that the profession that I chose provide. This is what I wanted to do, to spread the love for anything to my students, and teaching is the best way to show it.

Kelas X IPA 2 (Science class)
Kelas X IPS 4 (Social class)
Kelas X IPA 3 (Science class)
Kelas X IPS 1 (Social class)

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