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Last Days at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School

Since that I already have my last class at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School last Wednesday, February 13, 2019. I allotted the next two days in school to savor the last moments as a SEA Teacher before I head back home on Sunday.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

I accompanied Ralph Benjo Azas’ parents in school, in time of his final evaluation that morning at around 8:45 am. Here, I helped them with their needs, assisting them with the officials of the school, and toured them around the campus.

As Ralph had a break in his final evaluation because of the time of prayer for the Muslims, he was able to show his parents the school that hosted us for the past four (4) weeks. After this, we had showed our appreciation to the people behind SMA PKP, whom showed their support to us during our practicum at school. We were able to give appreciation gifts to the principal, the school officials and our mentors – Mrs. Pramita Puspitasari for Ralph and Ms. Fauziyyah Isra for mine.

With the school headmaster and principal – Drs. Yayat W. Herianto
With Ralph Benjo Azas and his mentor, Mrs. Pramita Puspitasari, and Ms. Fauziyyah Isra

Friday, February 15, 2019

For the last day at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School, I was asked by Ms. Fauziyyah to come at 9:00 am. While waiting for Ralph to come by the school, we were able to talk about out lives, the different cultures that we had and the reflections that we had made during my teaching experiences in the campus. The teachers also asked me about my feeling that now I am leaving the school which I considered to be a haven in the past four (4) weeks.

As we are finished with our lunch, the teachers and administrators surprised Ralph and I with a simple farewell gathering in the Ruang Guru (Teacher Room) where they gave us a cake to share and gifts from the school. We were touched of this gesture and honestly, I was not able to hide my emotions, sinking the reality that on this day, we will end our stay at PKP.

With some of the teachers at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School
A surprise cake from the SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School
With the officials, staff and teachers of SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School

After the classes ended, Ms. Fauziyyah invited me to walk around the campus and reflect on the teaching experiences and the memories that we had made. She and Ms. Annisa invited me and Ralph to eat at the canteen where we ate a spicy soup with tougue and Mie Ayam.

At around 5:00 pm (17:00), Ibu Titik invited us to go to the Band Room to play instruments and sing with her, Mr. Bintang and Mr. Widi. Together with our student-buddies from UHAMKA, Dinda Asyifa, Nuke Dhelta Pabelia Carl and Rosalina, we were able to bond on our last night in Indonesia.

The memories that has been made will not be forgotten, because of the lessons that I learned and the teaching experiences that I was able to do. All these are important to me, because it help me to develop the confidence to interact, and my ability to be with people who has different cultures where I learned the value of respect in uplifting their morale and how we see in life.

With Ms. Fauziyyah Isra

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