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About SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School

1.1 School Profile
Sekolah Menengah Atas, Pondok Karya Pembangunan Jakarta Islamic School (SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School/SMA PKP DKI Jakarta) is part of the Yayasan PKP DKI Jakarta which was establish in 1988 under the inaugural chapter No. Kep. 424. A/101.A.I/1990. It has been also attained a certification from the International Organization for Standardization under the standard of ISO 9001: 2015. SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School has been known for its teaching strategies that integrates the Islamic culture in preparation for the students to their future through developing skills that are envisioned in excellences and achievement in the academics and non-academic fields.
As of the academic year 2017-2018, it produces 4,482 graduates who were successful in the field that they chose.

Creating an educational institution that is able to produce students who are good in behavior, excel in achievement and character as leaders.”

1. Prepare teachers who have good, caring and quality religious behavior as professional educators
2. Organizing Islamic-style education by integrating the 2013 curriculum with the school curriculum
3. Prepare quality learning by continuously improving the quality of the learning process
4. Give space to produce works, creative products, ideas in various fields
5. Facilitating the implementation of self-development extracurricular activities, and complete, diverse and quality leadership activities
6. Making integrity, optimism, tenacity and empathy so that students with leadership characteristics are formed

1. Form students who have strong, devoted and Islamic faith in action
2. Equip students with extensive knowledge and skills that become provision in forming a superior personality
3. Having a good learning culture and displaying learning behavior loving science
4. Creating a culture of love for the environment towards a healthy, green and comfortable school
5. Give birth to students who have the character of future leaders

“Setiap Orang Adalah Juara” (Everyone is a champion)

1.2 Academic support system
SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School were composed of professionals that are teaching subjects that are inclined to their field of study. They are specialists and considered to be experts in these fields, in which it contributed to their method of teaching to the students for them to attain the knowledge that has been demanded to them based on the written competencies that they must develop.

Discipline has been also one of the core values in the school, upon which there is a specific person who is assigned in maintaining it, also known as the Wakasek (Vice-Principal). There is also one who is in charge of the quality assurance of the implementation of the curriculum and the student affairs. The principal serves as the overall manager of the school.

1.3 Teaching system
The classes in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School starts at 6:30 am, every Monday to Friday. On Mondays, there is a ceremony called “Upacara” which is their flag raising ceremony to start the week of learning. At the first period, a time has been allotted for the recitation of some parts in the Quran, the holy book in Islam. There are also two (2) 50-minute break times for prayer and eating: the first one is for Shalat and Shalat Dhuhur. A religious activity every Monday-Thursday has been also conducted for Sholat Ashar.

Ceremony of Upacara every Monday morning

From Monday-Thursday, classes end at 3:30 pm (15:50), while on Fridays, the classes end at 2:00 pm (14:00).

Depends of the grade level, a subject consists of not less than two (2) hours. For the Grade 10, the Sociology classes only meet for two (2) hours while for the Grades 11 (also called Elephant level) and 12 has four (4) sessions of class every week.

Each class has also an assigned adviser to address their concerns.

Aside from academic development, students are also encouraged to join clubs that enhances their extra-curricular activities, such as Futsal, Fotografi, Jurnalistik, Band and Robotik. There are18 clubs and organizations in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School

The teachers in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School teaches the subject where they are specialized. They also have extra loads for advisory classes.

1.4 Materials and Other Learning Sources
All the classrooms in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic Schools has an LCD Projector, in which the teachers use most of the time to present their materials through PowerPoint Presentations and other means of media as photos and videos. Aside from these, traditional instructional materials were also used, but not heavily as the information and communications technology (ICT) means. These traditional instructional materials as papers, cardboards and markers where mostly used in the outputs of the students.

Materials are the ones that are being called to the topics of the lesson in the class. These are based on the books provided by the school that has been passed in the examination for curriculum alignment.

1.5 Measurement and Evaluation System
The teachers were provided the document that determines the competence ability of the students through set standards that are released by their educational system. It measures the cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities of the students through specific indicators that are given for the written standards.

Example of Standard for Measuring Competence (Grade XI)


1.6 General Curriculum
The curriculum that has been used in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School was based on the 2013 Curriculum that has been released by the Indonesian Ministry of Education. There are different curricula based on the subjects being taught to the students in different grade levels.

General curriculum of Grades 10-12 at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School:

1.7 Teaching Plan (Sociology – Social Science)
The teaching plan of the teachers in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School consists of eight (8) parts in which the objective of the lesson described the approach that the teacher will use, the competencies and indicators to measure the learning of the students, the materials where the lesson will be passed on, concepts underlying in the discipline, the details in the materials, methodology of teaching, resources to be used, sources of the material, time allotment, and the instrument for assessment. An indicator for the tasks were also indicated in the teaching plan.

Example Teaching Plan from Ms. Fauziyyah Isra:

1.8 Others
SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School is also proud of its achievement, especially to its alumni that were able to excel in the discipline that they pursued in their respective universities, for the upholds the vision and mission of the school.

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