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Observation of Teacher in the Classroom

1.1 Their Planning for Teaching
The teachers have lesson plans written in Bahasa Indonesia, where all of the subjects taught in school, except for the English language, uses it as a medium of instruction. They use books that are also distributed to the students, and their task was to further explain the simplified version of the materials, because it was outlined in the books.

1.2 Their Preparing Lessons and Materials
Ms. Fauziyyah maximizes the use of PowerPoint Presentations in her classes. She also searches for the details of her materials, especially the pictures and graphic media, in the Internet.

Her basis for the materials were based on the books (also called materials in the school) given by the school administration and was used also by the students. Aside from these, she also uses those materials that are for the higher grade to give further explanation to the lesson.

1.3 Their Teaching in Class
The teacher uses the prepared PowerPoint Presentation and the pictures in teaching the class of the material. These were contextualized in Indonesia and she further relate it to what the students know. Because of these kinds of interactions, she was able to get the attention of the students and establish a connection of comfort for the students to share also their thoughts and to show who they are, since that the nature of the subject is to understand the interactions of individuality. Hence, the strong concept of authority towards the teacher which has been observed also in some of the classes were not felt.

She also uses the outputs of her former students in Sociology X, which are the videos on Deviant Behavior, and upon which she also tasked the students to do it also.
Aside from the ICT-integrated instructional materials, she also uses the whiteboard and marker in emphasizing and explaining the lesson.

1.4 Their Measurement and Evaluation
The teacher conducts such activities which are simple for the students to do, and the outputs from it were asked to the done in the notebooks. These has been the basis for the performance of the students, in which these notebooks compiled all the outputs and the materials being asked to be copied from the PowerPoint Presentations or the ones written in the whiteboard.

These outputs were rated according to letters. The teacher frequently uses A+, A and A-, and computed their average ratings, with 100 as the highest, at the end of every semester. Examinations were also conducted by the school to test the level of knowledge the students had gained, and also a preparation for the entrance examinations in the universities.

1.5 Your Overall Impression to the Teacher Performances
Even if it follows the teacher-centered approach, the interest of the students was not left behind because the teacher was able to get their attention through the available means in the instructional materials. Her personality and how she interacts with the students helped to build the relationship upon which the students can be able to share what they wanted, with the restriction of their moral relation.

As a graduate of Sociology herself, the teacher was able to relate the concepts taught to the daily lives of the students, in which gave them further understanding of the lessons. This contextualization of materials was seen as effective in the goal of the educational system to teach citizenship and loyalty to the country.

1.6 Others
The teacher is trying her effort to address the concerns of her students and interacts to them in the behavior were she and her students can still respect each other. Evident in this is the feeling of being confident of the students in speaking to Ms. Fauziyyah, yet their respect does not fade.

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