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Pedagogical Contents

1.1 Teaching methods

The teaching methods in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School commonly uses the lecture-type of teaching. Although the knowledge for the lesson was based on the materials provided by the school, the teachers divert to some innovative methods, such as seeking for other reliable resources, such as books, proven studies and primary sources. They also engage the students to perform in the class, especially of plays and video making. Hands-on learning was also seen, especially in art and science classes that requires experiments.
In Sociology classes, reflective teaching is commonly used in which the students must be able to open their awareness in the social issues and its effect to the community and self. It requires the students to examine themselves and relate the concepts to their own examples.

1.2 Learning Materials and Innovation

SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School innovates through consistently updating the materials being used to maintain the relevance of the lessons in the current situations within the society. The teachers were also able to consult other sources for their discussion about the materials.

1.3 Sources of learning and technology

Aside from the innovation of SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School in investing equipment in each classroom as the LCD Projector, they also have laboratories for hands-on learning – specifically for Chemistry, Physics and Language. Aside from the provided resources as books for the students, the teachers also engage the students in researching for additional knowledge and developing researching skills of the students.

1.4 Authentic assessment

The teachers in the school uses both traditional and non-traditional ways of assessment. Examinations where also held, especially in preparation in the students’ entrance to their preferred universities. There are also examinations to test the level of extent of learning of the students, and the school provided answer sheets for the students to fill in.
In these answer sheets, there are spaces for the questions that has choices, blanks for writing answers and space for the essay-type mode.
During the classes, the teachers were also able to assess the learning of the students through non-traditional ways of assessment such as video-making and concept mapping in which the creativity of the students were seen.

1.5 Others

Some of the performance tasks of the students were proudly displayed by the teachers all over the building of SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School. Most of it are being showcased in a cabinet inside the Ruang Guru (Teacher Room) which is also a mode of motivation for the students to be diligent in their work.

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