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Teaching Practice

1.1 Procedures of My Teaching
The procedure that I utilized in teaching primarily consists of lectures and activities that involves the students to move to do something related to the topics. In my duration of teaching, I was able to ask the students to do name tags in my third week of teaching, and a class game activity at my final teaching. A review was also conducted about the previous lesson through showing pictures in the PowerPoint Presentation and drawings, and saying the key concepts in Bahasa Indonesia.

A discussion on the assigned material was being held through inputs by the teacher and asking the students of its relative examples in their own understanding.

After the discussion, a reflective activity had been held as part of the evaluation process. Mostly, these consists of the tasks to draw about what they had learned about the material and how to value it.

1.2 Time Management and Organizing Activities
Two (2) hours has been allotted for every session in Grade 10 at SMA PKP. However, there are grace periods that the teachers give to students to prepare themselves, especially after the breaks that consists of prayer and eating. Commonly, I allot 10-15 minutes and then I start with the lesson.

On the first part, there are preliminary activities that serves as review, motivations and energizers. For my teaching practicum in the 3rd week, I let the students describe the picture in the PowerPoint Presentation and asked them to make nametags. For my final class, I let the students to move through making rhythms and passing the papers that contains the points of discussion for the lessons.

Most of the time in class were dedicated to the discussion of the material which includes the inputs of the teacher and revitalizing the participation of the students through asking them questions and relating it to the lesson, such as in examples.

1.3 Problem-solving
The students were engaged in problem-solving through series of questions that I gave to them in connection to the lesson and what are the issues within the community. Since that the material is deviant behavior, I presented the common issues such as bullying and crimes for the students to understand deviant behavior.

1.4 Classroom Management
The behavior of the classes depends on their perception by time. Mostly, students became inactive, especially in the afternoon and had tendencies to work on their own and lowered their interest in the lesson. In this, it is a challenge for me to maintain their spirit for learning and their discipline.

I applied some of the common principles of teaching that I learned, such as the snowball effect in using some of the students who are listening and participating as examples to the scenarios that I gave in relation to the topic, proximity approach where I walked in the different parts of the classroom, and keeping silent to modulate the voice of the class in speaking. It is effective enough to sustain the discipline the students as they felt the need to listen to the lesson and its value for their own development.

1.5 Overall Impression in Teaching
Teaching Sociology in the Grade 10 students of SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School makes me feel like a teacher who influenced already the students in just a short period of time. It has been a learning experiences where aside from the materials that the students learned, we also learn from each other through exchange of cultures and new knowledge that I can also use. These teaching experiences encourages me to pursue more of the profession and making it as a passion.

1.6 Others
We can also consider the use of different instructional materials in teaching. Aside from the use of PowerPoint Presentations and other means of information and communications technology (ICT), using traditional materials as cardboards, art materials and large papers (e.g.: cartolina and manila paper) can be also used in engaging the students in the discussion of the materials, and to spark the interest and creativity of the students. This can also enhance our creativity as teachers and facilitators of learning.

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