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Summary and Suggestions

1.1 Purposes of Practicum
The purpose of the practicum is to have teaching experiences in different environments, in which cultural exchange can be done. This is to develop our sensitivity in culture, open to the possibilities, and to promote the exchange of skills in teaching.

1.2 Procedures of practicum
My practicum, which lasted for four (4) weeks includes the following:
• 1st week – Observations and teacher assistance – Since that we arrived on Thursday and Friday, we were able to observe the classes in Grades 11 and 12. Aside from the act of observing, I was also able to assist my mentor in preparing her lessons and in teaching, especially about the Philippines where we came from
• 2nd week – Teacher Assistance and Guided Teaching – Gradually, I was tasked to study the material for this week and help my mentor to do the PowerPoint Presentation, especially in searching for more examples on deviant behavior, since that my scheduled had changed to teach in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the same PowerPoint Presentation that we used on Monday and was asked to insert English translations to the presentation. This is what I used on Tuesday and Wednesday where there are some classes which my mentor let me to teach the material alone. She asked me to teach in her other classes.
• 3rd week – Teaching Practicum – My mentor gave me the freedom to handle the classes, which I grab the opportunity to insert activities and modulate the class in the discussions. She also added more loads of classes for me to teach in the afternoon, since that my only schedule before is in the morning.
• 4th week – Teaching Practicum and Final Evaluation – This is when I was able to do the instructional materials and to handle the classes alone. I was able to handle five (5) classes this week. This is also the time where I was observed in my very last class at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School.

1.3 Outcomes of Practicum
The practicum gave me another perspective of teaching the subject area where I am specializing at. It gave me the value of relating it to the current situations and understanding its relevance. The practicum also gave me the overview of teaching in the different environment, in this case, in a different country and in an Islamic school.

1.4 The Challenges of Practicum
The challenge that I faced would be the language barrier, because most of the students uses Bahasa Indonesia and has only understanding in the English language. It is also a barrier in speaking to officials and some of the teachers. It is the reason my I always use mobile applications for translation. I also used it to translate the materials for teaching in the English language than translating the summary it again in Bahasa Indonesia.

1.5 Overall Impression
The whole program is a good platform for the exchange of teaching skills which we can also use in our home countries. It provides us the exposure in cultural differences and making us more innovative and creative in teaching.

1.6 Suggestions for Future Improvement
Aside from the positive points of the program, I suggest of a longer exposure of the SEA Teachers in the culture of the country where they will be assigned and also an orientation to the curriculum of that specific country, so that they can be prepared to teach and interact with the persons involving the education in which they will be interacting with.

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