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Teaching Plan

1.1 Curriculum Related to Sociology (Social Science)
The curriculum used for Sociology was based on the 2013 Curriculum released by the Ministry of Education. This curriculum is specified also for a certain grade level. It has been divided into parts upon which the general overview of the classes in Sociology were indicated, including instructional materials and the details about the material.

A syllabus was also provided for each grade level in a particular subject in SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School.

Syllabus Used in PKP for Sociology XI

1.2 Teaching Plan Related to Sociology (Social Science)
The teaching plan used in Sociology consists of eight (8) parts which supplements the approach that the teacher will use, the competencies and the indicators of learning, the scope of the material, the underlying theories in the discipline, the details about the material, method of teaching, instructional materials to be used, sources of information about the material, time allotment, instruments of learning and the measurement for the evaluation part.

Since that SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School did not required me to do a teaching plan based on what the teachers used, because it is in Bahasa Indonesia, I was able to provide them outline of the material of what will I teach. The materials being given to me serves as a guide for me in making the instructional materials that I will be using to teach the material.

Teaching Plan that I used in my Final Evaluation:

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