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Solo Teaching!

February 4-6, 2019

This week has been one of the highlights of my stay at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School, for Ms. Fauziyyah gave me the material about Theories of Deviant Behavior and let me teach it solo in front of the classes. I feel the excitement since that I will be able to get to know the students more and to learn from them, especially Bahasa Indonesia.

I was able to have also additional classes from Ms. Fauziyyah to teach.

My revised teaching schedule

My discussion was first planned to have an energizer, an activity, the discussion and reflective question. However, I need to change my plans so that the students may learn more according to their mood in learning.

On Monday, February 4, 2019, I was able to teach in my first class in Kelas X IPA 2 (Science class). I was supposed to have them energized through an exercise, however only some of the students followed, so I proceeded to the activity in which they will make name tags and designing it, in relation to one of the values of the lesson which is recognizing individuality. Then, I proceeded to the lesson in which I explained it through using different pictures in the PowerPoint Presentation and the drawing in the whiteboard the concepts of it.

After lunch, I was able to meet the Kelas X IPS 4 (Science class) at 1:00 pm (13:00). In this class, I also tried for them to do the exercise but because they are not in the mood to do it, I proceeded to the activity, and then in the discussion. I was challenged in this part because the students are doing something, so I was able to apply some principles in maintaining classroom management, such as being silent when they are speaking loudly, proximity approach (going around the classroom) and having signal cues. It resulted to their cooperation until the last activity. But I was surprised that through the help of Ms. Fauziyyah, they apologized on what happened to me.

At Kelas X IPS 4 before the class
The class showing their name tags

This made me feel the true essence of being a teacher, being able to teach, even if it is outside the context of the lesson, through the actions that I made. And this is the reason why I am excited to teach the next day, but only to find out at Ibu Ummi’s office that there are no classes the next day because of the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Because the next day is a holiday, my mentor and student-buddies invited me to go out around Jakarta. See the posts in these links:

My teaching experience continued on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. I assisted in Ms. Fauziyyah’s class in Kelas X IPA 1 (Science class) at 6:30 am. After she teach in the class, she asked me to help her in forming the groups for their next group task – making a video about the kinds of deviant behavior. I taught in the next class at Kelas X IPS 2 (Social class) after Ms. Fauziyyah assigned students who will be in charge of Upacara or the flag ceremony, . In this, I remove the exercise part and proceeded in the name tag activity. In this class, I felt that they now understand the instruction, since that their outputs are beautiful and they learned the value of uniqueness. I also introduced another way of catching their attention. If I will say “Gets, gets, gets”, the students will answer “Catch! Catch! Catch!”. The students also paid attention to the lesson, and they responded with enthusiasm.

At Kelas X IPS 2
The class showing their name tags

After lunch, I taught at Kelas X IPA 3 (Science class) where they also did the activity correctly and participated in the discussions. Due to the time of the class, their response where not so energetic, so I must be able to make the discussion lively and used different tones of voices to make the students enjoy the discussion. I found it effective because they were able to participate in the discussions.

As I conclude my teaching experience for this week, I was able to realize that being selfless and open are the values that teachers must develop. The ways of how to teach the lessons or the materials must be attainable for the students to understand, and this is why teachers must not always rely on their own standards in attaining learning. A teacher must be also considerate to the abilities of the students, and I learned it through the students, and this satisfied me for my students also learned from me – the value of doing this passion for the students’ good.


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