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Final Class, Final Evaluation

The last class that I will be teaching at SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School is coincidentally the class in which I will be observed for my final evaluation. This happened on February 13, 2019 at Kelas X IPS 2, and the class is from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

With Mr. Widi Sriyanto from my host university, Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA and my mentor, Ms. Fauziyyah Isra as observers. I prepared my instructional materials to be used in the class, such as the cartolina cut-outs to be posted on the board and the PowerPoint presentations.

The students preparing for the activity “Membantu Devy!” (Help Devy!)

I started the class with refreshing the class of our rule in the class in catching their attention. Using Pikachu from the famous TV series “Pokemon”, we used the “Gets, gets, gets!” and “Catch, catch, catch”. After that, I asked the students to form a circle in preparation for our activity.

Our activity is called “Membantu Devy!” (Help Devy!). Devy (her name comes from the first letters of the word “Deviant”) is a drawing of a human posted in the whiteboard, in which I distributed rolls of papers to each student and as they passed it, they will play a certain rythym by using their hands and feet. This has been done so that they can be energized since that the class is after the 1st break for prayer. After all the papers are being distributed, they opened it and posted in the whiteboard those who got the factors causing deviant behavior, and the discussion had been started about Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Perilaku Menyimpang (Factors Causing Deviant Behavior).

The students during the activity

Throughout the discussion, aside from the PowerPoint, I drew pictures on the whiteboard so that the students may understand the topic. I used also pictures which are common for the students, and as we go through the discussion, they were able to recognize the personalities and the actions that they do. Because of this, we were able to understand its connection to the lessons.

The second part of the discussion is about the Bentuk-Bentuk Perilaku Manyimpang (Kinds of Deviant Behavior). After the students who got the kinds of deviant behavior pasted the papers on the whiteboard beside the drawing of Devy, they were able to relate the examples to what they know that are famous. After these, an activity has been done to know if they learned something about the topic and if they can be able to establish connections to the daily lives and value it.

The activity, which tasked the students to draw the possible effects of deviant behavior to a person, resulted in the evident linkages of what was being taught to what they had understand, such as bullying (physical and cyberbullying), deviant relationships, punished in jail, suicide and reflections. As I check these, I was able to write some words for them to uplift their spirits, based on their drawings.

Being a teacher for them is a satisfactory act, for I know that in this experience, I am not living for myself anymore, but for my students and teachers as well. It is a selfless act that requires dying for my own desires for the sake of their own learning. I can feel the love that the profession had provided me to open myself for the needs of the students through making different strategies for them to understand the material, and it is now my duty to make them feel valued in every skill that they have potential.

Kelas X IPS 2 (Social class) with Ms. Fauziyyah Isra

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